Philip G. Zimbardo is an internationally recognized scholar, educator, researcher and media personality, winning numerous awards and honors in each of these domains.  He is Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, having taught previously at Palo Alto University, Naval Post-graduate School, Yale, NYU and Columbia.  Zimbardo’s career is noted for giving psychology away to the public through his popular PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, along with many text and trade books, among his 400+ publications.  He has served as President of the American Psychological Association and twice President of the Western Psychological Association.

He is currently focused on spreading his message of heroism around the world with the non-profit he founded, The Heroic Imagination Project, He participates in conferences and invited lectures around the world and has founded youth centers in Sicily and Poland.

Dr. Zimbardo lives in San Francisco with his wife, Christina Maslach, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology at University of California Berkeley. He has three grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.