Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo

In 1973, Zimbardo and his colleagues were interested in finding out the truth behind brutality among guards in American prisons due to the dispositional personalities of the guard, which were based purely on the...



Philip Zimbardo

3 Key Lessons from SPE by Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo is known for his work on the Stanford Prison Experiment – SPE, which helped shape his career in psychology. However, Philip Zimbardo...
Best-Selling Books

Best-Selling Books Authored by Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo is a renowned psychologist who has marked his territory in the field. His famous experiment– the Stanford Prison Experiment, gained worldwide popularity...
Must-Read Books

Must-Read Books Written by Philip Zimbardo

If you’re a student of psychology or interested in the field, the name Philip Zimbardo would not be alien to you. He is a...