Must-Read Books

If you’re a student of psychology or interested in the field, the name Philip Zimbardo would not be alien to you. He is a well-known psychologist who conducted ground-breaking research and formed theories about humans and their behavior. Philip Zimbardo is famous as a psychologist and marked his territory in the field of books.

Here is a list of the must-read books of Philip Zimbardo if you wish to learn and understand the human mind and its behavior.

 The psychology of attitude change and social influence

This book was written by Philip Zimbardo in 1991 and talked about the wide range of research, application, and theories centering on social influence. It is the most recommended for psychology students as the book emphasizes integrating concepts, using the organization of concepts of an attitude system in humans. It also discusses the personal and cultural references subject to the research findings.

Obedience to Authority

Philip Zimbardo conducted an experiment where the volunteers of the experiment were invited to study in a laboratory the effects of punishment on learning. The participants were subjected to electric shock whenever the learner, strapped to the seat, made a mistake. The findings from this experiment are jotted down in this terrific book, which will send chills to a reader.



In his book Burnout – The cost of Caring, Philip Zimbardo talks about how burnout syndrome affects people who provide behavioral services to people, like nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers, and so on. In this book, the author also illustrates, on first-hand accounts, the feelings of emotional exhaustion, indifferences to people’s problems, mental trauma and the sense of inadequacy and their ability to relate to others’ problems. Such empathic nature of workers takes a severe toll on their mental health, which can be better managed by understanding the facts mentioned in this glorious book.

Living and Loving Better with time perspective therapy

In this book, world-renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo unveils the behavior that transforms the lives of people who have PTSD. The book talks about shifting perspectives from the past to the present, which helps convert negative emotions to positive ones. Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword researched how therapy can help people cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and other adverse life experiences and help them move to a positive and brighter future.

Psychology – core concepts

Philip Zimbardo taught psychology students for almost 50 years and pens down all his experiences and core teachings in this book. It allows students to have a deeper understanding of topics, which also helps them think critically and form connections with their minds. If you’re a psychology student, this book is a must-read to understand the concepts better and help develop a sense of belonging in the mind.